Sunday, 6 January 2008

Optimizing for the web

A while back I looked at colour profiles for blog display, given the fact that browsers are generally profile-ignorant. while I don't rigidly stick to using sRGB, that seemed to be the way to go. Well maybe not.
zeus1 commented on Capturing the essence that the posted image appeared washed-out. It does on my browser as well. So I took the original posted image and ran it through a couple of tests in Photoshop. Below are the results.

with SRGB applied +10 saturation, -10 lightness

As posted originally

As posted originally with colour profile removed.

Colour profile removed, +10 saturation, -10 lightness

It turns out this is a Blogger problem. the original file looks great when loaded straight into the browser, and in all other viewers but on uploading something gets lost. The closest I can get quickly is the last of the 4, boosting saturation, darkening slightly and removing the colour profile. Probably needs a slight contrast enhancement, too.

In one way I'm glad it's not just down to my workflow, in another I'm annoyed that there is some sort of mutation happening between me hitting "Publish" and the image appearing in the blog.

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