Thursday, 10 January 2008

Back to Norway

Pining for the fjords, Norway, September 1997

In a couple of weeks I'm off on a business trip to Stavanger in Norway. It'll be nice to get back as I've not been back to Norway since I moved away 4 years ago.

I'm not sure I'll really get any time for photography. Normally I'd take an extra weekend but I don't really want to be driving in winter conditions and I don't really know the area around Stavanger too well. If I was back to Kristiansund (where I used to live) things would be different - I'd have the opportunity to shoot afresh a whole area that I know well. Maybe on another trip with this project.

I might just take some B&W film and shoot in the evenings around Stavanger harbour and old town.

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  1. Hey, you've lived in Norway before? I didn't know that.

    Good luck with your trip. As you said, the weather isn't exactly nice these days. I don't know about Stavanger, but Oslo is horrible right now. Lots of snow last weekend, and lots of rain during the week.

    If you ever come to Oslo and have some time to spare for shooting, let me know.


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