Thursday, 3 January 2008

Happy New(ish) Year

OK, it's a few days into the New Year but I'm just back from my Christmas break.

I've come back physically and mentally refreshed. I'm currently reading through the backlog of blog posts from my favourites. Some interesting stuff already. Got a nice mention from Paul Butzi, too - it's good to know that someone out there appreciates your efforts. For my part, reading his blog also helps trigger the synapses, leading to quite a few of my posts.

As to photography while I was away, not so good. i got out for a couple of days but it was disappointing. I'll be posting more on that later - for now I have to upload the shots I did take and see if the results are as bad as I expect. The effort won't be wasted, however, as I can also view it as scouting for later efforts.

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