Saturday, 12 January 2008

It's all about viewpoint

Gathering Clouds, Wiltshire, December 2007

This appears to be a wide-open, deserted field. Great views for miles. this was taken as the sun fell and clouds rolled in from the West (right of picture). About half and hour later it was pouring with rain.

The shot below was taken about 20 yards away and about 2 minutes later looking in the same direction. Explains why it's so deserted.

You have been warned, Wiltshire, December 2007

This is actually a view over the MOD's Imber Ranges, part of the Salisbury Plain training grounds. The thump-thump of heavy artillery in the distance was a regular feature of growing-up for me.

What we photograph is all a matter of where we stand and which way we look.


  1. Are you a Fay Godwin fan? If not you might like her book "Our Forbidden Land".

  2. I'd not heard of Fay Godwin before but from the little I can find of her work on the Web, looks like I'll have to track down one of her books. Thanks for the info.


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