Sunday, 27 January 2008

Lightzone 3.2: a look at printing

Now that I've got my printer back in action, I decided to take a run at printing from Lightzone 3.2. I'd previously tried from 2.4 but there were so many issues (not least a weird corruption of the right edge of images) that I gave up long ago.

So I started out to run off a couple of the recent set I've been doing for my up-coming print review. I loaded up one of the pre-prepared jpegs: correct size, white border. di a couple of contrast adjustments and set it to print. And then waited (and waited and waited) then went off to do something else. It took over 5 minutes to process the image to the printer - all in the foreground. I have no idea what was going on but it wasn't a processor or memory limit. Once that one printed i tried another to see if it would be quicker. Nope.

Another one of those annoying quirks that's getting in the way of this being a great piece of software.

Needless to say, I will into be printing any more from Lightzone 3.2 - I hope the new version (3.4) is in better shape.


  1. Printing took 5 minutes? To me the obvious culprit is Java. It would be nice if for v4 Lightcrafts ported their software to a platform that didn't have the automatic performance impact that Java has.

  2. I agree. While this was a pre-commercial "hobby" I can see the attraction of Java but it seems so limiting that Lightzone will never be a serious contender until they move platform.


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