Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Call for sense in the camera market

dpreview have posted their pre-PMA predictions, mainly as a placeholder for their page for PMA coverage.

The best part, for me, are the calls to manufacturers at the end of the list:

  • Fewer pixels please (we care about image quality) - It's a straightforward
    prediction that we'll see fourteen megapixel compacts at PMA, which in our
    opinion will be yet another step back for image quality. Other than subtle
    improvements in image processing overall image quality in compact digital
    cameras hasn't improved since the six megapixel era, to make things worse the
    marketeers have decided that high sensitivity will sell compact cameras. There's
    simply no worse combination than tiny photosites and high gain. So we'd be happy
    to pat any manufacturer on the back who delivers improvements in overall image
    quality without the obvious step in megapixel count (great high ISO performance
    will be a natural consequence of larger photosites and/or larger sensors).
  • Shelf stuffing - Lastly, please, lets move away from the practice of 'shelf
    stuffing'. That is producing four or five product variations on the exact same
    model with very subtle differences (such as LCD screen size) with the intention
    of getting more shelf space for the brand. It's counter productive as it only
    leads to confuse the consumer and in these days of online purchasing the gains
    of such practices must surely be questionable.

Yes, please. More of that.

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