Sunday, 25 May 2008

Surprisingly popular

I was just checking out the hits on my SoFoBoMo books to see if anyone actually bothered reading them (apart from the few commenters). Crikey, was I surprised.

Between the 2 listings for each of the 2 books, over 1300 hits in just about 1o days. There is something to this SoFoBoMo thing. I thought maybe the few dozen who'd signed up would take a quick look and it would all be done. I presume others are getting similar results.

Big question - where does one go from there?


  1. I'm not sure why but I'm getting much lower numbers than those few I have read about. I am up to 84 from here,, over the last 11 days.

  2. Interesting observation. I know Colin Jago had put a lot of his popularity to being to of the list for quite a while but mine are top and bottom.

    Maybe the online offerings (like mine) get more repeat hits than the download types like you? There's certainly nothing to suggest that anyone should get more or less hits than others, apart from blog popularity maybe.


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