Monday, 19 May 2008

New blog: daily photos

So I've added a new blog, a daily photo thing. With the advent of blogger's new scheduled post service (posts can be delayed to a scheduled time) this seemed like an ideal opportunity. Now, even if I'm away, I can keep the pictures flowing (as long as I set them up before I go).

The images should come in small groups, maybe 10-15 from a given location or trip at a time. Enough to show a thread but hopefully not to many that it gets repetitive.

Check it out here (also linked in the sidebar).

Set-up (1 photo, no comments, no text) is inspired by Colin Jago's PotD.


  1. Nice initiative!

    What I miss on this new page is the possibility to leave a comment.

    Your "Angel" seems very dark. I think this photo could be "enlivened" by using an HDR approach.

  2. I don't really intend to have comments on the new blog. Maybe I will, maybe I won't - for now not.

    The Angel in this one is supposed to be dark, silhouetted against the bright morning sky - just as I saw it.


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