Wednesday, 21 May 2008

I can't do skies

Ladyside Pike, Cumbria, April 2008

It seems right now that I can't actually photograph much. I've been going back over the stuff I've shot the past few months. Quite a lot of sky/mountain/field stuff especially from Wiltshire and Cumbria. Broad horizons, big skies, looming clouds. You know the stuff.

Trouble is, it's all rubbish. Barely a worthwhile shot amongst it. If the exposure is OK, then I just can't make anything of it. Can't create anything that looks like a decent tonal range in black and white (and another point there, mine are all coming out flat grey, hardly a hint of either black or white). Colours are rubbish. Details are lost. So much for being a photographer.

I seem to have lost (or maybe I never had) any sense of making large scenes in the least bit interesting.

The only positive note is that at least a fair proportion of my closer work is coming out well. There is a sort of 6-10ft (2-3m for the metrics) range with which I'm very comfortable.

Mine Waste, Cumbria, April 2008

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  1. It's just like any thing else, you get good at what you practice and train for. One of my adopted cycling training mantra is "specificity, specificity, specificty".


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