Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Back in business

SoFoBoMo image 14, May 2008 (not one of today's efforts)

So I got back home rather tired and greeted by some great weather: blue skies, 24degC. My 11th flight in 20 days.

As it was nice weather I decided to go out for an hour to try and get a few more SoFoBoMo shots, trying to capitalise on every spare moment. As it turns out, it was one of the most productive sessions I've had for the project. I've now got enough images to meet the minimum , so shooting pressure is off a bit. I'd still like to get 5 or 6 more, though, just so I can be a bit choosy.

I've also had time to think about the presentation of the book a bit more (an advantage of spending so much time on aeroplanes). I'll play around a bit this evening or tomorrow with the ideas. I'm hoping to get away a bit from the straight picture in the middle of the page look and add a little colour. This would also work well with the images and the groups I want to present. One good thing with being later is I get all kinds of inspiration from those who've gone before - I won't be copying any but they have lead to some fresh ideas.

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