Wednesday, 14 May 2008

SoFoBoMo: Issuu issues

So I finally got a version of my Kristiansund book to Issuu. Here (hopefully) it is.

So what were the issues:

Firstly, Issuu is one of the losuiest websites to work with i've encountered in a long time.
First it won't work with firefox at all - normally enough for me to ignore it completely.
Then it's a Flash Player based site - again enough normally for me to ignore it. I perservered.

About 3 registration attempts on IE later, I got in. Then about 3 upload attempts to get it to work.

things I hate: the "do it our way" navigation. No way of knowing how to get from "here" to where you want without knowing the magic combination. Then the whole upload process that doesn't let you know what's going on. Plus the crumby interface. Oh, and did I mention I hate Flash sites.

I cannot, in all earnestness, recommend the site for anyone but I've used it as i've not really an alternative for the SoFoBoMo output at present.


  1. I can understand the flash thing.

    Didn't have any problems at all using firefox with Issuu, either for uploading or viewing.

  2. I am grateful you perservered and I could be introduced to Kristiansund. Congratulations.

  3. Very, very nice, as I enjoy your choice in the pairings, both as a way to see the same area from two perspecitives and in the "wider view", a two page spread panorama. I also enjoy your walk down the streets;- )

  4. Doug, thanks for the feedback. The split panoramic is something I've been experimenting with for a while. sometimes it's from 2 frames and sometimes 2 crops from the same frame, often a split 2:1 crop.

  5. Nevertheless, it appears to be effective and something that I am now experimenting with as a result. Thanks!


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