Saturday, 17 May 2008

SoFoBoMo: the pdfs

Soon the SoFoBoMo posting will stop...

Anyway, I finally found a site that publishes pdf files (and a whole lot more). Through a link from Charles Starrett's blog "Done is Good", I found Sribd. I think I'd seen the service before but ignored it.

After my problems with Issuu (which are unique to me according to their support people), I thought I'd give Scribd a whirl.

Scribd is great: no flash, fast and painless sign-up and they seem to take no end of file types. Embedding is possible using what they call iPaper and yet one can also download the original files, too. The only caveat was that i had to leave it to do its thing when uploading - there isn't really any proper indication of progress while it is doing so.
I can thoroughly recommend Scribd.

Thus, here are links to the 2 pdf files:

Kristiansund pdf

A place to call Home pdf


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