Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Good news from Adobe

So Adobe announced recently their submission of DNG to ISO for acceptance as a RAW format standard. Great news.

I'd been concerned (and am generally concerned) about the fact that a corporation was trying to push as a unified standard their own developement. Thus we become beholden to them and their whims. Thus are the beginnings of evil empires. (OK, maybe a little dramatic.)
The biggest cocern I have in this area is that you become relentlessly tied into software upgrades and therefore huge expense.

I hope ISO get on with this quite quickly and incorporate enough stricture that manufacturers can't tie up the bulk of their information as proprietary stuff. I don't want it to go the way of TIFF which is really a general wrapper for a whole bunch of underlying image formats. This could be the way forward - software, and software version, independent RAW formats. Hopefully with a proper industry standard, more camera manufacturers and software developers are kept in the game.

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