Friday, 16 May 2008

SoFoBoMo: At last, it's done

This morning I finished the "real" SoFoBoMo project: the main event. Here is the Issuu version:

Poor weather over the last couple of days left me with little to do but finish putting it all together. Hopefully this one doesn't have spelling errors like the Kristiansund book I published (now corrected).

I have found a handy way to publish pdfs, more on that when I get them uploaded. I'll also write an entry on my own post-mortem later today.


  1. I think you have done yourself proud Martin. I take my hat off to you for completing the project, I wasn't brave enough to attempt it for fear of failure! You have presented an aspect of suburbia that I haven't seen done or thought about before, and all the images fit well together and explore some thoughtful aspects.

  2. Congratulations. There so many outstanding elements. I admire your book on every level. Layout, text, presentation of theme, and the photographs—everything works. I learned a great deal viewing it.

    I, for one, felt bad about not being able to offer a place to host your books. I am relieved that you found a way around the problem.

  3. Thanks, both, for the positive feedback. Always nice to think is was all worthwhile.

    Anita - don't feel bad, I actually got several offers of help.


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