Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Unusual inspiration

Receding sun, Alberta Rockies, September 2007

It's not often I can say that photos look better on the web.

When I posted the above picture here, I noted that I was unsure where to go with it. I certainly like it a lot - it properly captures the mood & feeling of the time I was there but the deep shadows were proving tricky. Seeing the web version, with the very "blocky" yet subtle differences in the shadows I figured what changes I wanted: very little.

The top image is the result (almost). This is going to be tricky to print so I actually have a few versions for printing to try and get the right effect in the shadows. There is very little in the way of adjustments: a couple of areas of clouds have contrast curves and there is a small amount of contrast work in the shadows to ensure that the different hills are distinct in print. That's about it - I'm not even bothering with sharpening, which ruins the overall effect in this case.

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