Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Darkness, metering & mathematics

Evening falls, Alberta, September 2007
This was a 1 minute expose & a lot of post-process. Could easily have gone to 4-5 minutes

During the last trip to Canada I was experimenting with long exposures (like the one above). here, I'm talking the stuff measured in minutes. Cliched stuff: mountains, lakes, setting sun etc. Quite a few were with the 20D but I'm not a fan of digital long exposures: too much shadow noise.

Having my (relatively new) medium format with me, I tried some film-based long exposure, too. Should be better, no noise to contend with for one. Any colour cast can be dealt with by the software. trouble is, it requires metering in tricky conditions and offsetting for middle grey and reciprocity (this last is pretty minimal with modern film). This is where my rubbish mental arithmetic fails me. I keep adjusting in the wrong direction or by too few stops. You'd never think that I deal in numbers & advanced maths all day.

I've just picked up the developed film from the shop and so the upshot is the image here (which is pretty rubbish - certainly compared to what I had in mind) was the best I got. More work needed: or a meter that does all the calcs for me!

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