Thursday, 25 October 2007

Provoking contemplation

Driftwood and rocks, Alberta, September 2007
I've posted this image before but for me it's a rare example of me hitting my target:
one of my all-time favourites

3 posts I've read today have come together nicely for me. First was the post at the Landscapist that I mentioned in my last entry. Next up, the link at T.O.P. to this article by Thom on setting goals. Third is this post by Colin Jago on analysing why and self-analysis.

While they may not seem related, for me they bring together the themes of what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and when I know I'm getting it right. I can't say I have it all figured out but I think over the next week or two I'm going to put some effort into putting this down in words.

I can't say I'll be coherent in my thinking, or come up with specific goals but I expect the thought journey will be useful for me. I'll post as I go along; who knows, maybe it'll lead somewhere.

UPDATE: I've added a new category "Direction" to gather all my posts in the "journey" into one place.

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