Saturday, 25 August 2007

The process & the camera

Elbow River, Alberta, Canada, August 2007

Paul Butzi's made a great comment on the new cameras from Canon and Nikon. It's all about photography, not the equipment. I agree - the best camera is the one that puts the least effort between me and the final image. Sometimes that means bells & whistles, sometimes simplicity.

Obviously, I've taken a look at the news from both makers. Feature packed SLRs add some convenience for certain jobs: sports, expose right, low light (ISO performance) etc. For me, the 40D might represent a worthwhile improvement over my 20D. I'm not even contemplating the pro-level gear.

Nikon seem to be catching up, maybe passing in some areas. It's all in the fine details of specifications. However, if the ergonomics same as the rest of their line, I'll still hate them. (I must be the only photographer who actively dislikes Nikon ergonomics.)

For a lot of work, I like my manual cameras: no fripperies to get in the way - judge exposure, compose, set A & T, fire. I've found myself with the 20D too often checking all the right buttons are pushed & options selected when I'd rather be pressing the trigger. The new custom settings might well help: pre-program & away I go.

Not a single mention of MLU operation in anything I've read: clearly no one does fine landscape work these days. Of course it's there but how easy?

For me the Canon G9 is the most interesting announcement - only camera amongst the news that has potential to increase the amount of photography I do (i.e. it's a pocket camera I might actually like to own). I'd actually like to get my hands on one to try but I bet it's the last of the latest Canikon cameras to hit the shops.

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