Friday, 24 August 2007

A handy gizmo

A handy bit of kit I picked up in Calgary (but available all over) is a new camera strap. The LowePro Speedster to be exact.

What's so special about a camera strap? Lots of photographers rave about the Upstrap for its solid no-slip handling. I took a look but it's way too bulky for me. A lot of the time I carry the camera in my right hand with the strap wrapped around my wrist. I find this makes the camera much less obvious, nicely secure and easy to bring to bear. The new EOS straps I've been finding a bit bulky for this purpose. Enter the Speedster.

What do I like? Nice thin strap material so it wraps around the hand well. Nice width: not so wide it gets in the way, not so narrow it slices into my neck. Rubber pimples prevent slipping with my mid-weight 20D set-up. Quick release buckles - easy to remove when the camera is tripod mounted (always been a pain with the fixed EOS strap). No obvious logos & neutral colour - unobtrusive. Nothings says "steal me" more than a nice branded SLR strap. The strap is also cheap (CA$20) and the quick releases are interchangeable with other LowePro straps.

All in all, a nice package in an oft overlooked piece of equipment.

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