Monday, 27 August 2007

Is the EOS 40D the one?

A while back I wrote a post covering what I was looking for in a DLSR. This was based on my experiences with the Canon EOS 20D - my main camera - and the things I liked and disliked about it. It seems the 40D is a big step forward. Is it enough?

Checking through the points it seems all are covered (on the press release spec sheet at least) apart from:

100% view-finder: new one doesn't look any better than the old one on paper. Loads of extra info but will i be able to read it with my glasses on?
MLU button but i think the new custom modes should cover it. Nice that there is multi-shot lock-up.
Multi-shot bracketing (more than 30 but that seems reserved for pro models and is a fairly low priority.

Not sure on the wireless stuff but that would need extra bits as it's not built-in.

So close and worth a look but I'm not rushing out just yet. Maybe when I decide I need a second body this will step in.

What about the Nikon? Don't really care as I'm tied in to Canon at present at it's not enough of a "wow, must have" camera. Plus, I'm still going to hate those control locations.

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