Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Do I see reality?

Dinosaur Morning, Alberta, Canada, August 2007

Doug Stockdale has a couple of posts on seeing/looking (here and here) discussing the conveying of his vision or message.

Is what the photographer regards (as per my use) a form of reality or is he imagining things and putting them into the images? For example, did I really see the sky lit up as above or is that my overlaying a distortion from my mind's eye? Does it matter? Certainly what I perceived was a distant spot lit up as a brief gap opened in the darkening skies. There are all kinds of stories one could tell about the phenomenon but for me it is an amazing piece of nature. I've seen it happen a few times - the effect is always brief and one is lucky to have a camera to hand (let alone fully set on a tripod as mine was).

For me, it is a demonstration of the tiny portion of the natural world we actually get to experience and that every encounter is to be savoured. What do you observe?

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  1. Martin, this is a wonderful image! They say that being lucky has a lot to do with being prepared, as you were this time.

    Best regards, Doug


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