Friday, 18 April 2008

Source of projects

Reclaimed pipe, Northumberland, March 2008
this is one image that is going to a new series I'm developing

There have been a few posts around the web recently about the nature of series and inspiration, which ha me thinking about my own photographs and the few series I have embarked upon. Whence the inspiration?

I wonder if i get the ideas because i have already been shooting the subjects and my sub-conscious tells me there is a series in there. i have noticed with a new series I'm starting that this seems to be the case - I had the idea and then noticed that I'd already shot a few images that fit into the category.

there are other times I've deliberately come up with a fresh 9for me) idea. My "36 bicycles" from a while back is one such. My SoFoBoMo project (more of which later) is another. But these ideas also sprang out of potential images I had been seeing without a camera in my hand.

We (human beings) are good at spotting patterns around us. maybe we are constantly seeing connections which then come as the ideas for our artistic efforts

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