Sunday, 20 April 2008

SoFoBoMo: a slow day

SoFoBoMo image 9, April 2008

Today was much slower than the past couple. I decided to head out to a part of town where I knew there were rows of similar houses & several apartment blocks. Should be good for the project. How wrong can you be?

For "similar", read "depressingly identical". Lots of identikit houses with little done to enhance them in any way. Not really good for my project but at least I got a couple of hours walk out of it. There are still a few parts of town to explore yet, hopefully they are more fruitful.


  1. On the contrary, I think that you have a very good idea that just needs exploring and following through with this image. It made me double click to see it larger and I found the bottles on the window sills intriguing. If it was me, I think I would return to the scene with my long lens and isolate a particularly interesting window in a symmetrical manner. The light that you got looked ideal.

  2. Colin, this is one of the good ones from Thursday, when I was far more successful and the light was better.
    Saturday's haul are far less interesting on the whole, and there are lots less. I don't want to crop in too tight on ones like this due to the context (in this case, high rise & the colour).


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