Saturday, 28 July 2007

A travelling dilemma

Dramatic, Calgary, June 2006

In a couple of weeks I've got a business trip to Calgary, very nice. As a result, I'm taking the weekends off.

Calgary is a city I like a lot, having spent quite a lot of time there tagged onto my ski trips. This, however, will be about the first time I've been and stayed the weekend during the summer and I'm not sure how best to use it.

I could try and hook up with some people for some cycling or take the cameras and head off for a day or two's shooting. Trouble is where to go? Calgary is a pretty functional city, not a lot to get too excited about photographically (apologies to Calgarians) - I'd really want to make the photography about something that is unique to the area. Normally I'm pretty laid back about weekend plans but this is one occasion where I need to pre-plan equipment for whatever I do, so it actually requires forethought. Decisions, decisions.

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