Sunday, 29 July 2007

Things which cannot be photographed

Cycle tunnel, nr Cluny, France, July 2007

Something I noticed this evening reminded me of an even more impressive sight I saw during he week. Tonight, the wind was blowing through the trees in such a way that the leaves shimmered as they turned into and out of the evening sun. red leaves in particular glittered.

On Wednesday evening I was out having a few beers outside a local bar. The wall of the building next door was covered in ivy, all 4 stories of it. the wind was blowing down the street in such a way to make the ivy ripple like waves. It made the wall seem alive, as if the whole brick surface was rippling.

Both these events made me realise that there are some things that cannot be photographed. The photo image is just a point in time and sometimes things are more than points in time. Both the wind effects I describe could never be captured in a still image satisfactorily (I know, I've tried). Whilst movement (or the sense thereof, as above) can be portrayed in a still image, there will always be events that are best viewed as movement.

Hopefully those of us with cameras spend enough time away from the viewfinder to notice the dynamic events all around us, as well as trying to capture the moment.

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