Saturday, 28 July 2007

More from Perouges

Skyline, Perouges, France, July 2007

Having posted a shot from Perouges, I thought I'd write a little more about the photos I took there.

Perouges, just north of Lyon in France, is an interesting location both to stay and to photograph. It is a small mediaevel citadel preserved in near-historic condition. It is clearly a tourist spot and has been the location for many films set in mediaevel France. It is a maze of cobbled streets and interesting architectural corners.

Overnight we ate in the restaurant of the one hotel in town, a very pleasant (if somewhat expensive) evening - something of a modern meets ancient dining experience.

In the morning, while the rest of the team ate a late breakfast I spent some time wandering around photographing the life out of the place. There is so much of possible interest that i didn't want to pass up the opportunity. With limited time and fast-brightening skies, bracketing everything was the order: many bright highlights and dark shadows. With no tripod, developing the pictures is a challenge.

Here are a couple more results from the morning's efforts.

Gallery, Perouges, France, July 2007
Angles, Perouges, France, July 2007

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