Friday, 20 July 2007

Another weekend away...

...this time to Heidelberg in Germany. Another opportunity to flood myself with photos to stack onto the other incomplete work. Looks like a busy few evenings in the next couple of weeks.

One reason I know I'll have quite a bit to do is that I enjoy photographing historic towns. I like the way grand buildings sit alongside alleyways of odd-shaped houses, the hap-hazard nature of the street layouts and the way in which centuries of development and progress is laid out for all to see. This means I egt all kinds of interesting shots & interpretations to look at, often in difficult lighting. If it is sunny then there is always great contrast in every scene: bright skies, sunlit stonework, dark shadows. A real chalenge for handheld photography.

This will also be the first time I'll get to use my new 17-55IS lens in earnest for the purpose I bought it - available light photography of building interiors. I'll report back on my impressions of the lens for that purpose on my return.

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