Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The day Le Tour came to town

Forget the Palace, London, July 2007

Limited posts over the past few days are due to the fact that I was in London for the weekend: the Tour de France was in town for the Grand Depart. Saturday was the prologue - a short time trial around the famous sites, followed by the first stage on Sunday.

What a great event London stages. There were people standing 6 or 7 deep at every point around the 8km of the prologue route. People everywhere and from all over - in front of me were 2 Norwegian couples over especially for the day. Far more people than when I watched the Prologue in Liege, Belgium a couple of years ago, and they're cycling mad over there.

It's also a sports photographers dream: each rider comes past at 1 minute intervals, good views, full day out. For once Buckingham Palace (above) wasn't the main attraction.

Now I've hundreds of shots to go through, on top of the other 2 shoots uncompleted.

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