Tuesday, 29 May 2007

On projects

Fisherplace Gill Falls, Cumbria, May 2007

I'm not a big fan of the notion of photographic projects. I think that series of photos should evolve from an interest in a particular subject. For example: if you like taking photos of trees, then a series may develop looking at the various forms trees take. That doesn't mean there was a conscious effort from the outset to create the series. It might only happen as a subset of photos that one takes on a give subject. To my mind, thinking in projects ties you down to thinking about your images in way that is constrained by the framework of the project, rather than allowing the creativity and opportunity to direct matters.

Having said that, I see 2 projects unfolding for me in the near term. The first is the "Images from unpromising origins" that I proposed in the last post. This is the development of a series relating to using cropping and editting to produce interesting results from poor original shots (i.e. photos that would normally hit the bin).

The second relates to the roll of film I've got loaded in the old SLR: provisionally titled "36 shots". Really this is a way to force me into using up the roll (as I want to switch to B&W for a while). I want to create 36 unique pictures around a theme in a single day. Not that easy given the way I normally take photos: a mix of subjects and many multiple shots of the same subject. Worth a try, though, for a once-off.

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