Tuesday, 8 May 2007

First LF effort

Red Tulips, April 2007

Got the scanner delivered last week and so I could get to working on the first of my LF efforts. So far, 2 rolls of 6x9 shot, mainly to practice movements, focus, exposure etc. This shot is the one production from the series - a box of red tulips from my parents' garden. It was a one-timer (only one exposure left on the roll) and has turned out just as I envisaged.

My first impressions of LF: wow. I was expecting high quality, fine detail, good latitude but this even this simple picture really takes the biscuit. There is so much fine detail it's amazing. Straight out, on medium scan resolution, I could run up 26" prints. Easy to gather detail from shadows. I'll have to write my impressions of the scanner (an Epson V750) in another post.

The other big thing I've noticed is the very shallow DoF. Shallower than my DoF calculator might suggest. Focus is much more critical than any small format.

I can also see me running out of disk space with the huge scan files unless I sort a decent workfow to manage the number of scans.

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