Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Profiles, profiles

Started to investigate the full range of software that came bundled with the scanner.

Loaded up EZColor, a profiling software application. First up was a soft-profile of the monitor (no calibration device just yet) then profiling the printer and scanner (for reflective).

Initially had a bit of trouble getting the scanner to go. Didn't seem too happy being driven by the TWAIN link from EZColor (I may not have loaded the TWAIN driver). Restart the computer and fire up the scanner separately, no problem. Quick scan of the test print and the reference target and both a printer and scanner profile were created in one. Very simple. Took all of 5 minutes plus print drying time.

Ran off a test print to compare the results. Can't yet decide whether the new profile is better than my old settings or worse. It's definitely different and has a different relationship with the colour management in the various applications. For now the print is up on the easel while I decide whether I like the new settings or not. I've now got four versions of "Red Tulips" - starting to look like Van Gogh's studio.

One thing I will be able to do, however, is to profile the papers that I specify from the print shop, which should make the output more reliable and predictable, especially when soft-proofing. There is certainly no way I'm going to spend on a large format printer in the near future.

I might also try re-profiling the printer tomorrow, once the print has settled overnight. I think the colours do shift slightly over the first 24h or so, but that could just be me.

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