Sunday, 27 May 2007

Making it good enough

Boating on Derwent Water, Cumbria, May 2007

When is a final image good enough? Something I've had to ask myself recently, as I seem to be spending longer and longer working on my photos. I've started to get into the habit of fine tuning every little aspect of every shot; tuning individual areas of the photo, fine tuning colour, contrast, sharpness etc. Then I go turn it into a web pic. Not a good use of time.

Really, to start with, one needs to consider the final destination. If an image is only for online, or viewing on the computer, an awful lot less effort needs to go into adjustments. typically I could turn these around in a couple of minutes each. It is really only those destined for large prints (say 24" and up) that need the section by section approach. In my enthusiasm for new editing techniques, I've started to lose sight of the target - which costs valuable time.

A little more thought up-front on the end destination will save me time overall and probably give me more time to focus on the critical images. Sometimes, good is good enough.

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