Sunday, 3 June 2007

In search of a challenge

Fisherplace Gill Falls, Cumbria, May 2007 - a B&W intepretation with a twist

I realised this evening that the thing that keeps me enthused about any particular activity, and life in general, is the taking on of a challenge. Something that will push me to learn new things or improve myself in some way.

And so it is with photography. I'm never happy producing pictures of the same consistent quality time after time, or focusing on particular subjects. i like to push further, try harder, constantly get better quality images. that holds for both technical as well as artistic content. It might also explain some of my "shiny kit syndrome": never satisfied with the quality I'm getting, I'm after something more. hence the purchase this week of 2 new lenses (the canon EF17-55 f/2.8 & EF70-200 f/4 IS, both very nice) to improve areas of my work. Also explains why I bought an LF camera.

There will come a point when I'm happy technically and will truly focus on content. Hopefully with the next 12 months or so. Not that I'm not striving in that area. too.

A reason I came to this realization was reflecting on my cycling. Now I have a bike for every occasion, it is down to me to improve my fitness or take on different challenges (greater distances, touring, new countries) - I focus on turning the pedals and completely forget the equipment under me.

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