Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Blencathra part 3: focal points

Once I've got the sky to my satisfaction I work up the key focal areas for the final image. In this case it is the foreground grassy area, leading along the river (River Caldew) through the valley to the distant peak (Carrock Fell) lit by the sun. I worked in the order foreground, distant peak, valley (rough: where I am, where I'm going, how I get there: a sort of visual journey plan).

Overall aim is to draw the viewer through the valley along the river, past the house and to the far distance, taking in the sights as one goes.

In this case, I've focussed on contrast enhancement, some added brightness and then sharpening. Minimum colour adjustment: I like the way the colours are coming off the film. One thing that I do, though, is to increase the saturation slightly for the main focal point, here the Fell in the distance. I shall probably also reduce the saturation of the secondary areas. Our eyes are much more sensitive to colour in the centre of our vision, and so this fools the brain, drawing the eye where I want it to go. I think it is more effective and less obtrusive than substantial differences in sharpness that is often used for the same effect. Not that I don't use the latter trick, of course.

Last word here: there are 2 more installments to come - the secondary parts of the image and the final result (together with black and white conversion).

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