Saturday, 21 April 2007

First large format efforts are here

Got the first roll of film developed. 6x9 test shots with the new large format camera. Very impressive overall but clearly needing some work.

First error, loading the film. I lost the first shot and part of the second. Can't have pre-wound the film enough before closing the case.

Second thing I noticed is the exteme sensitivity of depth of field. The shot were all back garden stuff at reasonably close distance and it is amazing how shallow the depth of field really is with Lf. I'm using a 120mm lens (wide angle) and to get these subjects fully in focus needs f/16 - f/22 in practice. I think I should put together a DoF chart, seeing as I've got the DoF calculator on the palm.

Third thing to notice is the accuracy of the focus and the effectiveness of the Scheimpflug effect. With shallow DoF (f/8) and a forward tilt I was able to get grass at meter or so, and top of tree at a few metres both in focus but everything else out of focus. this was just a test shot to determine the effects, vry clearly demonstrated.

Of course, I've only been examining the slides under a loupe - still waiting on delivery of thescanner to really get to work.

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