Sunday, 1 April 2007

The LF debate continues

Paul Butzi has had further thoughts on the LF as contemplative, and a couter-thread over at LF forums sparked off. I still think some of them don't get it.

If you want to be slow and thoughtful, fine. That doesn't mean you need an LF camera to do it, or that LF requires it, or that the same process can't be applied to 35mm (or digital equivalent).

Careful considering the scene, light, composition etc is one thing, twiddling with the camera for hours something else entirely.

I'm also pretty convinced (despite not yet having tried it) that a scene cannot be properly contemplated from under a dark cloth. Once the camera is pointed and focused, get the head out and look around. This enables surveying the scene, watching for the changing light etc. A method I've mployed many times with the DSLR - I get it set up,then take a series of shots as the light changes. Sometimes I see a different scene, so move the camera around a re-compose for the new scene with the better light. No reason this can't be done with a LF camera as well.

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