Sunday, 1 April 2007

More discussion on street photography

Popcorn, Belgrade, March 2007

Seems T.O.P. has sparked some controversy on street photgraphy with a riposte (once more) by Butzi.

I think I agree with him, somewhat - despite the slight rant. It's not really fair to get your shot, then ask permission for another. Seems a bit cheeky. If your happy with candids 7 that approach, fine. If you fel you need permission, also fine. Just don't go using one method to justify the other.

I still think that "from the hip" is the best way to go. I enjoy capturing ordinary people doing fairly ordinary stuff. Some interesting things come out and it's a way to capture a slice of life or the sense of a place, IMO. A shot like the one above would never happen, otherwise - these are the sort of street photos I like looking at am enjoying taking.

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