Sunday, 29 April 2007

The elusive fitness

Not quite a photogrpahy theme...

So what makes fitness? Whilst i had bno motivation to get out on the bike yesterday, i pushed myself out the door for te first long ride 9100km) of the year. With stiff legs into the mix. It had all themakings of a 4h epic with me struggling to get to the end.

Turns out i was riding rather well, even with a stiff breeze on the way out and turned in a 3:23, pretty close to a record. How on earth did that happen? I certianly didn't feel much up to it. even came home with my legs feeling better at the end than the beginning. Rather like last week when i knocked 2min off my 65km time eve n though I wasn't feeling to sharp and certaily wasn't looking to do a fast one.

These performances are the sporting equivalent to (in art0 of having limited motivation or vision and yet turning up some of ones best work ever. It just doesn't happen - except of course it did.

if I actually get the weiht off and get my fitness up, I'll be unstoppable (or something).

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