Friday, 29 May 2009

Thoughts on some new cameras

I've been reading with interest stuff on a couple of new cameras: the Sigma DP2 and the Pentax K-7. Wildly different yet each addressing some things I've ranted about in the past.

First up the DP2 - mroe of the Sigma large sensor in a small body idea. Nice that it has my favourite 40mm-e lens, and quite fast. Simple controls, always a bonus. Then the actual performance - it seems all agree it's quite slow, quite noisy and inconsistent. When it's good it's very. very good, when it's bad... And of course, the limited softyware support for Foveon. I just hope that this tumbling attempt to make a high quality, large sensor compact doesn't kill the whole idea.

Then there's the K-7. Mid-price DSLR. Smaller size, without losing a decent grip. And high specs. I looked through the list of stuff it's got, from the viewfinder, through the weather sealing to the custom functions. Most of this level of stuff Canon only put in the 1-series cameras. I especially like the ability to fully configure the thumb & finger wheels, and set all kinds of limits on shutter speed & ISO. TAv mode (carried over from previous models) is just what digital needs.
Now that the K20D is going, looks like this will be the DSLR I'll be recommending to others.

In fact, with the features this one has, and the great results coming from the Sony A900, I'm considering those cameras in place of some of my Canon gear, keping the Canon for sports and wildlife only. We shall see...

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