Wednesday, 6 May 2009

SoFoBoMo: don't sweat it

I note with interest a theme or two running through the collective blogging of the SoFoBoMoers. (Whether it's one or two themes is rather moot.) Funnily enough, this repeats some of the problems encountered last year, too.

There is the searching for a theme and the agonising over whether the pictures will be good enough. Don't sweat it, say.

First bit of advice from me (may be a little late now but I'm sure I mentioned this in the past) - keep a handy note of photo theme ideas as you go. Since last year's effort, I've kept a list of ideas in a little black book. As I think of possible photo projects, I write them down - no analysis, just ideas. Some may eventually dry up to nothing but I've collected enough ideas to have at least a couple of fliers for this year. Some ideas lead to others and so on. Get a book & pencil small enough that you'll carry it everywhere.

Second thing, and this should be immediately useful, is that the idea is to produce 35 pictures. Not "35 images that will be candidates for my MOMA retrospective." They don't have to be perfect. they don't even have to be good. For once, lower your bar and accept imperfection. You'll be so much happier with a complete effort, than a half-done bunch of perfect images. The book, complete, is the goal.

Remember: Solo Photo Book Month - 1 person, 35 pictures, 1 book, 31 days.


  1. Good advice. Again, repeat - "it's not about perfection" it's about doing it.

  2. Yeah, for sure, expectations can be too high sometimes, and you're more likely to fail having such high standards. But just doing it would probably not give the same satisfaction for someone having this. There are no easy ways that works for everybody, but for most of us I think you're right.

  3. Amen. Thank goodness I got past that last year. Of course, some might say it was easy for me to give up on perfection. :)


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