Tuesday, 12 May 2009

SoFoBoMo: I think I've started

Yet another business trip, camera came with. Got out on a breezy evening to the coast and rattled off a roll in an hour. If I can get out for an hour or so each day the rest of the trip, I should have enough for a SoFoBoMo project.

Further to my earlier post on being less serious about SoFoBoMo, comes this from Colin Jago. I'd agree with him. This challenge is perfect for anyone with a camera (and a computer). Fancy gear not required. Weeks off work to shoot not required. As much as anything, I'm using SoFoBoMo as the excuse I need to get away from the office on time. The full-time job continues and SoFoBoMo isn't worth wasting my valuable vacation days on.

This current project I've started will only allow 4 after-work shooting opportunities, with a couple of weekends available for processing. I've got 6 rolls of film with me, if I can expose 5 of them I should be golden.

Last year, I put together 2 projects. Din't take a single day off work. My Kristiansund project took just 3 rolls of film (72 frames) and a couple of hours walk to do the shooting. Used an old film camera. Pictures taken in some off time on a business trip with long hours in the office. Processing was evenings and weekends.

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