Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Photography is not a performance

Dedication, London, March 2009

OK, not quite a photography post, but there is also a point.

Caroline le Barbier, violinist,
March 2009

On Saturday night I attended a concert put on by the ELLSO - East London Late Starters Orchestra. A friend of mine, Caroline (right) is a member, and she invited me along to listen.
The ELLSO is an organisation that teaches music to adults check out all the details on their website.
There was a fairly broad spectrum of abilities, divided into ability sections, each section putting on a performance. Overall it was an excellent evening. Great performances all around. Clearly some nerves around but it was thoroughly enjoyable. People enjoying what they do, making music and entertaining a large audience of friends and families.
Quite frankly I'm amazed that people can get up and do this. I have no aptitude for making music and hate performing in front of crowds (giving technical presentations doesn't count). And yet here are dozens who do just that and enjoy it.

There is a slight link to photography, hinted at in the title. Performance anxiety isn't something that should bother us. All the worry and fear exhibited by prospective SoFoBoMoers is nothing compared to having to give a live performance. As photographers we have time to get things right. Once we have the images in the bag, we have opportunity to work on them. If we're putting together prints or books there is time to work on the finished product. Even when we have a product, we can always edit after production.

The musicians effectively have one chance to get things right, and missed notes can't get taken back. My admiration to them all. More than I could do.

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  1. caroline supermouse26 March 2009 at 05:30

    i found your text and the pictures, very nice and very encouraging, thanks Martin, you have definitely talent for writing and for photography......yes you are right,it takes a bit of courage to play in front of people, ....but the more i do it, the more i know why....its to give something to your friends, family, audience, and even if not perfect its sth to share :)))).... any news from your job, let me know and then i book for the rockies :))



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