Saturday, 14 March 2009

The natural square

Old warrior, Tanzania, January 2009

It seems to me that a square photograph represents a natural constraint. It is all that it should be or could be. Square photographs never seem like they have be artificially constrained - if things fall out of the square or are partially cropped, that seems to be a natural result of the format.

On the other hand, other aspect ratios (almost especially the standard 3:2) seem to be artificial constraints imposed by the photographer. If things don't fall quite right in the frame, it is the result of poor composition by the photographer, rather than an inherent limitation.

Odd how the simple act of cropping can change ones response to the image.

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  1. I committed myself to square format for this year's photography project in order to challenge myself a little differently. I'm really enjoying it and think that it particularly suits abstract subjects where there is no particular focal point. It's surprised me how I forget about it whilst I'm taking the picture with my 5D, yet the square crop always looks right and as if fully intended.


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