Saturday, 21 March 2009

Having trouble with the language

Posting has been a little thin as I'm on the road again with dodgy internet (thank goodness for complementary internet in the big city).

I've been contemplating the idea of self-analysis in photography. Looking at others work, I can readily analyse what I like/dislike, what makes good images work for me - I can articulate my relationship with someone else's images.

For my own work it is entirely different. My reaction is much more instinctive. I like it or I don't. I feel it's good or not. But I have trouble articulating it. Once another person does that for me, however, I can come to understand my own reaction through the eyes of someone else.

Strange stuff.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean, but I don't really find it strange.
    The relationship you have with your own pictures are much deeper and complex than for the work of others. After all, you remember the mood, smell, sound, and your own state of mind when you photographed it. the total combination of this very multi layered, and maybe not that easy to articulate. When you see pictures made by other photographers, you have to rely on visual only, and maybe a title. This means you have to fill in all the gaps using your intellect.

    I think, when I read or hear artists talk about their own work, that most of them have the same problem. Even famous artists often talk a lot of nonsense when they try to describe their own work.


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