Friday, 14 November 2008

Why I write what I write

Concrete and grass, Kristiansund, June 2008

This is not going to be a call to my audience for ideas. I reckon if you keep coming back, it's for what I'm writing. If you're a passing visitor, you don't much care. But I though some of you might find it interesting to here my motivations for the subjects I post.

There are 2 main reasons why I'm writing here.

The first is the cathartic, journal writer's need to get stuff off my chest. Not so much stood on a soap box, but getting down things I'm thinking about. These are the posts about why I photograph, what I'm trying to achieve and to some extent just posting my pictures. It's this sort of stuff that has me reading other blogs, so I figure writing it in a public place might help others, too.

The second is all the technical stuff (equipment, reviews, software etc). While there is plenty of that stuff out in webland, I'm trying to fill some gaps. I tend to choose unusual equipment, look for new ways to do stuff etc. I also find that getting information on the stuff I'm looking for is very difficult. Therefore I write to fill gaps. It's mainly aimed at my past self: stuff i wish had been around when I was looking. The kind of information I wanted but couldn't find. The subjects may be esoteric but there seem to be plenty of people coming to read it, so if I help one person per post, I reckon my goal will have been achieved.

Thus, I write the things that I'd like to be reading, in the hope that others also want to.

Amongst all that, I also hope you enjoy seeing some of my pictures, too.


  1. It's also nice to be a part of a community too, it satisfies a part of one of our basic needs. Others are our needs for positive feedback and personal expression. Blogging gives us these things on a safe and somewhat anonymous level. Nothing wrong with that!

  2. No wonder you write - good reasons!

    I just read the posting on your RAW-based workflow with the LX3. That sounds interesting. I have experimented a bit with Lightzone, but using it for b&w conversions was a novel idea. Have to try it out at some point.


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