Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Summer 2008: the lost rolls

Monster graffiti, Kristiansund, June 2008

I thought I'd gone through the summer's backlog of scanning but came across 2 rolls that I'd missed when sorting out some papers. I'm a highly disorganised person, stuff is randomly scattered about my apartment: finding 2 rolls of film amongst financial papers is not unusual.

So I turned to scanning them and wow, what a set. Of all the stuff I've shot this summer, these are probably the most successful in terms of showing what I intended in the way I saw it. I'll be posting some over the next few days, and more to the photo of the day next week.

Given the results, I sometimes wonder why I bother slogging it out with all the natural landscape stuff. At least I'm making progress somewhere.


  1. Does this discovery lend some motivation to getting more organized? Just curious...

  2. Oh, how that made me laugh. There's at least 15 years of disorganizational inertia to overcome and I'm not very self motivate when it comes to tidying up. At least I have a system (sort of) for film now.


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