Sunday, 25 November 2007

Photographing the photographers

The wedding photographer, Seville , November 2006

Doug Stockdale has posted on a couple of images (here and here) from his recent trip to Shanghai. This reminded me of a photographs I took in Seville last year (one shown here) of a wedding photography party. For me, however, the subject was really the photographer. I was interested in his work method which seemed rather amateur - limited thinking of lighting or camera angle, very static & stiff poses. The group also had a videographer and a couple of hangers-on. By the end, the bride was looking quite bored of the whole thing.

This is one image in what seems to be a growing series for me - photographers in the act of capturing their subject, especially photographing other people. I'm always interested to see how other work with a camera in their hands and how & why they are taking photographs.

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  1. I also find that interesting. I went to a few events this year where I got to watch the pro's work sports, political and a high society ball. It was interesting to see how they work and the equipment they use.


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