Tuesday, 6 November 2007

A bit more of Salzburg

Festung Hohensalzburg, Salzburg, November 2007

It seems fairly obvious now that I've had my chance to photograph Salzburg. Not a major problem: much of what I expected.

At this event, I'm very much the customer and so the hosts are at pains to make sure I am fully entertained for the week. Fine as it goes but that does mean I end up drinking far too much beer for far too long.

Today's shot is of the castle on the hill. The place we went to eat this evening (hundreds of us) sits just below it (behind the foreground buildings) - good night out and a real piece of history. The beer tastes really fresh for having originated in 1492! I have a close-up of the place but it is on film.

If the photos from these few days don't look so good on the web, please let me know. I'm working with nothing but in-camera jpegs and MS photo editor. I don't have anything more on my new laptop yet (but at least I now can connect to the Internet on the road).

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  1. The shots look fine. Even though I have Photoshop I rarely use it, only to crop or resize.

    I now shoot JPEG Fine (2008x2000)
    then I download to my laptop, run the pics through photoshop, and then save to a Maxtor 300.


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