Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Colour strangeness

I said here that I'd toned down the colours for the autumnal shots I've just posted. Well it turns out that in uploading they've been toned down even further. The originals are much more saturated than they appear in the blog. This is odd behaviour as normally the colour rendition is very good when I upload. Must be some sort of gamut effect of the seasonal colours.
If anyone has clues as to what might be happening for these in particular, I'd be delighted to be enlightened.
Technical note: I normally work from an Abobe RGB TIFF, converted to JPEG for upload. Is there a corner of the Adobe RGB in the red/yellow that's significantly different than SRGB?


  1. Better to convert to sRGB before posting to the web.

    There are illustrations on

    (not just that page)

  2. Thanks, Colin, that's an excellent page. A
    link here

    I think I've just been lazy really, having good success with the majority of my images. Of course, Lightzone's less that stellar soft-proofing doesn't help.

    I'm going to do an experiment with another post looking at colour management options.


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