Sunday, 18 November 2007


Badlands undergrowth, Alberta, August 2007

Not exactly your classic photography topic but bear with me.

I had to buy a bunch of lightbulbs. My apartment goes through them at a ridiculous rate (about 1 a week). Dodgy electrics, I reckon. Anyway, I decided to buy a bunch of those low energy, save the planet types. Not that I'm into their environmental effect - if that's the best you can do either you are super low energy or you're not trying hard enough. I digress.

No, I bought them in the hope that they will last many times longer than regular bulbs. while I was at it, I bought some of the "daylight" variety to try. I've now got one above my desk as I type. What a difference. More light and the colour from the monitor is subtly more neutral from very slightly warm. I'd never have figured the incident light could have so much effect on the screen colour. Into the bargain, this new bulb seems to give off more light, even with the same effective light rating.


  1. Which lightbulbs did you buy? I see a few on line, Blue Max, but these are lamps and stands and pretty expensive. They are, however, guaranteed to be within about 5% accuracy of actual sunlight.

  2. Paul, the actual bulbs I bought are these. Key thing is the 6500K colour temp, although in my lampshades they appear a bit warmer (I reckon 5500-6000K by eye). Took me a while to find them among the Philips sites.
    Easy to get hold of here - local supermarket sells them.


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